It’s time for an update concerning the tour with Possessed, Sadistic Intent and Mortem. To my regret I have to say the tour is definitely not taking place. The reasons are several, but in the end the result is the same. Although nothing was confirmed yet, this is a big disappointment to us all as we were really looking forward to hit the road with these three other magnificent bands. We all worked hard to make it happen, but it wasn’t meant to be. Too bad!

Possessed (featuring original member Jeff Becerra on vocals and Sadistic Intent backing him up) will play only one show in Europe this year. This will be the Wacken Open Air festival. For those who’ll attend the festival, support Possessed with all your might. They deserve it!

We hope to do one gig with Sadistic Intent. It’s not for sure if this gig will take place, but we’re working on it right now, so keep your fingers crossed.

I want to thank Rick (Sadistic Intent), Fernán/Alvaro (Mortem) & Costa (Iron Pegasus Records) for all their input. Thank you, guys. Not to forget all the promoters who showed interest in the tour. It’s very much appreciated!


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