Finally!!! After several delays of different nature, the wait is over! Today, we got the news from Costa (Iron Pegasus) the “Under the Black Cross” picture disc is complete and ready to hit the streets. The vinyl itself was ready for quite a while, but it took a bit before the booklets were printed. We’re very sorry we weren’t able to present the album at our gig with Sadistic Intent (Hails!) or the Party.san festival, but we’re glad it worked out after all. Check the photo to see the end result.

This release contains the picture disc featuring the alternative artwork, an 8 pages booklet and a sticker. The first 150 copies will have a gatefold cover as well. Mind you, this release features the same cover as the initial pressing of the “Under the Black Cross” LP, so nothing new or fancy. Costa had some covers left and we all thought it was a cool idea to present a limited amount of picture discs this way. See it as an extra gift. We hope you’ll enjoy this release!
We want to thank the following persons for their big input. Without them, this release wouldn’t have been possible. Here we go: Costa Stoios for releasing this gem, Manuel Tinnemans for the awesome artwork and Dick de Wit for the layout. Thank you all for your dedicated work! It’s very much appreciated!
For those interested, you can obtain this release directly from us. Check “For Sale” for the price.

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