US release on Ibex Moon Records for “Under the Black Cross”

As was the case with its predecessor “Ancient Death”, our latest album “Under the Black Cross” is a very honest and raw sounding Death Metal offering. Don’t expect something fancy. Being inspired by classic acts as Venom, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Mantas/Death and Pentagram (Chile), this is pure obscure extreme underground Metal the Pentacle style. Recorded in the studio where we laid all our other previous albums on tape (Harrow Productions), “Under the Black Cross” features a heavy production with its raw edges, as it is meant to be.

The US-version of “Under the Black Cross” contains some extras the Euro-release didn’t feature. For the first time on CD, one will be able to read the whole lyrical output dealing with the concept of “Under the Black Cross”, being Operation Chariot. This was a daring British Commando Raid that took place at Saint Nazaire, France, 1942. Now you can experience all the facts about wartime horror, honour, glory and most of all…death.

Except for our eight original compositions, we’ve included our personal interpretation of Necrovore’s “Divus de Mortuus”. Being a major influence for Pentacle we are truly honoured to present you this track. Mind you, you can never replace the original, but we’re damn proud of our own version!

Being around in this scene with Pentacle for almost 18 years now, we can say we’ve achieved another personal high-light. It literally took blood, sweat and tears to get this record done, but we made it happen. We hope all you Death Metal heads will share our feelings about this album and that you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. Remember…Death Metal came with the Wind.

We want to thank John McEntee and Ibex Moon Records for giving this album an US-release. This is very much appreciated!

The release is sheduled for October.

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