At last!!!  

After a couple of years of hard work the double CD “The Fifth Moon…beyond and back” is released on Vic Records.  The CD’s feature this material:  

CD 1

‘The Fifth Moon’ 12” PD / MCD 1996  1. Black at Heart  2. A Serpent in Blood Red  3. The Flame’s Masquerade (Her Sun is the Moon)  4. Adoring an endless Dawn  5. A Serpent in Blood Red (first take with alternative vocals)   

‘Exalted Journey’ 7” EP 1995  6. Exalted Journey  7. Son of the Dawn   

CD 2

‘Paradise of the Underground’ DSFA 6 compilation track 1994  1. A Dance Beyond   

‘Winds of the Fall’ demo 1993  2. Buried in Mankind’s Sleep 3. Descending of the Soul  4. My Fall  5. Deepness of the Depths  6. Winds of the Fall  

‘Caressed by Both Sides’ rehearsal demo 1992  7. A Mind in Flames  8. Belief from Below 9. Son of the Dawn  10. Denial of God   

Rehearsal 1990  11. Belief from Below (featuring Dead End-members)     

Except for mentioned songs the double CD contains a 32-page (!) booklet with many flyers, unreleased photos and liner notes.  It was a massive project and I’m very much satisfied with the end result.      I would like to thank those involved in this project:  our former drummer Marc for the superb layout, Robin for mastering the songs and Roel (Vic Records) for releasing this piece of Ancient Death Metal.  Thank you very much for the splendid work, guys!!!      This double CD is available for 10 Euro (excl. P&P). Please contact us at @  


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