Pentacle is featured in the upcoming documentary on Dutch (extreme) Metal called “METAAL”. For this purpose, Jason and Mike interviewed Wannes how he got involved in Hard Rock / Heavy Metal, the scene of the 80’s / early 90’s, the early days of Pentacle and the radio show Thrashing Madness which he hosted together with Marleen and lasted from 1988 – 1992.

Other bands interviewed are Thanatos, Asphyx, Eternal Solstice, The Gathering, Gorefest, Dead End, Acrostichon, Occult, Pestilence, Korsakov, God Dethroned and many others.

You can watch the teaser right here:

More information can be found here: (@metaalfilm)

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Many thanks to Jason and Mike for including Pentacle in this documentary and good luck with the project! We are looking forward to see the result!

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