So, the morbid deed has been done… After many years of faithful service our drummer Robert left the band. As mentioned in his interview a while ago, the physical strain of being a drummer in Pentacle became too big for him. The original idea was to promote “Spectre of the Eight Ropes” live to end his career with the band, but due to the pandemic, the band was forced to sit down and take a break, which led to the earlier departure of Robert. We thank him very much for the great times, dedication, effort and records we created together. All the best wished for your future!

After a moment of reflection, we decided to move forward and found our new drummer Jan Verdonk at a party of a mutual acquaintance. He heard Pentacle was without a drummer and after a verrrry short chat we spontaneous decided to give it a try together. Yesterday, he made his hellish crossfire on wooden coffins live debut with Pentacle. He worked very hard to make it happen and we are proud to have him in the band! Jan, welcome to the Ritual of Ancient Death!

Concerning the festival: thank you to Alwin Roes for arranging the fest, our crew Robin and Veerle for their dedication and hard work, Erik, John and Ancient Rites (Evil Prevails indeed…), Roel and Cirith Gorgor and the crew of the Willem I, Arnhem.

All friends, old and new, thank you very much for coming out to the show to support the underground scene. We appreciate it very, very much! You turned our gig into a memorable event!

Special hails go out to Günther Theys for joining us on stage performing the classic Ancient Rites song “Longing for the Ancient Kingdom” as an eternal hail to our fallen friend and comrade, Walter van Cortenberg. Never to be forgotten… Enjoy the first part of the song (thanks to Monique for providing the footage) and light a black candle in memory of his passing…

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