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Invocations of the Death-Ridden Latin American tour 2017
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Hordes of Ancient & Dark Death Metal beware!
We are very proud to announce our 'Invocations of the Death-Ridden' Latin American 2017 tour with our brothers Sadistic Intent! After the release of our mutual split 12” this is a great opportunity to spread the message far amongst the faithful believers of the mighty underground scene. Pentacle is very much looking forward to explore the extreme Metal scene in South America. The trip to Chile is still a high light with many, many great memories, so we are confident this upcoming tour will be amazing as well! We are looking forward to see you all!   
Promoters please contact Weapons of Conquest Productions at weaponsofconquest© for more information.

Posted by: Wannes
Thursday 23 February 2017 - 07:51:42
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