So, being back on Dutch soil now, what could be said about our Chilean assault? Nothing less than praise to one of the best crowds we ever performed for! You were amazing! Thank you very much for your support, dedication and madness! You made us feel very welcome in your country and we can’t show you enough gratitude for supporting our Ancient Death Metal. Hails to everyone who supported the gigs one way or the other!      For making it all happen: Marcelo Guzmán (OFC rules!), Francisco Cancino & Klandestino Bar, Rodolfo Cortez Vera, Luis Antonio Rivas, Iván Ordoñez & Bloody Vengeance, Cristian Spuller, Carlos Flores & Kuravilu Prod/Hellthrashing’zine, Claudio Cruces & Rawforce Productions, Eduardo Vidal, Isaac Henriquez, Gabriel Gatica Kretschmer (pink….) & Compilation of Death zine, Huaira “The G/Humble” Herrera (thank you very much for the hospitality) & Noise & Shit Zine,  J.M. Retsiela, Joseph Curwen, Butcher of Christ (master cook) & U. Kulten, Rodrigo Echeverría, William (for his dedicated work on the backdrop!), Pelao Mario, Pablo & Hail to Cruelty zine, J. Claros & Bells of Acheron zine, Ricardo Lucas & Crypts of Eternity zine, Godless and Pablo in particular (for performing “Spell of the Pentagram” with us), Infernal Slaughter, Víctor & Attacker Bloody Axe, Uttertomb, Ancient Crypts, Seb, Rodrigo & Force of Darkness, Wrathprayer, Invincible Force, Dario & Hades Archer, Oraculum, Enrique Zúñiga & Atomic Aggressor, Patrick González & Into the Cemetery zine/Worship Death, Templo, Bullhead beer, Cola e Flecha & Pentagram Chile for the spiritual support.

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