With much regret we have to cancel our gig for the Lucky Rocks Metalfest.      Unfortunate, both promoter and band weren’t able to come to an agreement concerning the spot on the bill. Pentacle was supposed to play as the last (tenth) band of the evening, after acts like God Dethroned and Sinister. To be totally honest with you, we never believed in this concept of an “after party band” as we are convinced the headliner should be the climax of the evening and nothing else. Call us old fashioned or whatever, but after a headliner the evening simply stops for us. In the past, Pentacle was offered similar slots, but we always declined for the very same reason. We received the time table after we returned from Chile and we tried to make it work, but it didn’t work on such short notice. Unlike other bands we had no say in the actual time table and although the promoters tried sort matters out, no suitable solution was found. So, we have to stand by our principles and cancel the gig.      Our sincere apologies to those who wanted to see us perform. We are convinced you will enjoy the many quality acts performing at this fest. Support them!      Thanks to everyone involved and we hope every band will have a great gig.

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