It was quite a weekend and an amazing experience for everyone involved. It was a true Dutch Death/Black/Doom assault! We hope everyone who came out to visit one or both gigs had a great time. We did! Thank you very much for your support!

We would like to hail the guys in Asphyx and Soulburn (thanks for the amp, Twan!) for making this happen. Not to forget Roel, Ronnie, Tonny and Chris for the additional deathnoise and intense talks. Jeroen for being around as always, Hans for helping us out on stage and Markus for the monitor sound. Our gratitude goes out to all friends, old and new for sharing this experience. Thanks to the Turock for their hospitality and those gracious ladies who sold our merch and did the lights. You’re the best!

And last, but certainly not least here’s a personal tribute to our fallen hero, Martin Eric Ain. This one is for you! Bang your head for Slayed Necros!

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