Hey maniacs!What’s up? As i promised to you all, i will announce one of my upcoming releases today. Some of you may know that i spent lots of time in the Netherlands. I lived and worked there, the Netherlands was my third home. I love dutch people, their humor and mentality, the Chocomel, the stroopwafel and i loved broodje haring, lekkerbek and kapsalon (even before i became vegetarian, haha)! I saw many great bands on dutch stages, such bands like Krypts, Incantation and Exhorder. And, of course, i love old dutch Death Metal bands! Shameful, but Old Skull Productions had zero dutch releases… Until now!I am proud to announce the reissue of two monoliths from ancient dutch Death Metal past: “Winds of the Fall” demo from 1993 and “Exalted Journey” EP from 1995. I guess you already know the band name. Yes, this is Pentacle !Dank je wel to Wannes Gubbels, who gave me the chance for the reissues of these absolute gems!Release date: TBAToday is my 45th birthday and this is my gift to you all, maniacs!More (exciting) news coming soon! Take care and stay chocomel!https://youtu.be/XnNgb_cRYM8

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