Current Pentacle line up

Mike Verhoeven Rhythm Guitar

Robert Smissaert Drums

Wannes Gubbels Bass / Vocals

Alex Verhoeven Rhythm / Solo Guitar

Previous members:

Marc Nelissen Drums

Edwin Folsche Guitars

30 Years of Pentacle has been made possible by the following

Our families

All former members

Pentacle logos by Günther Weerepas

Artwork by Manuel Tinnemans, Paul de Werd & Günther Weerepas

Photos by Paul Verhagen, Daisy van den Abeele, Marleen Krabben, Maartje Ansems, Pascal Marien, Wendy Jacobse & Monique Ristenpatt

Studios: Erwin Hermsen @ Toneshed, Harry Wijering, Marc ter Braake & Erik de Boer @ Harrow productions, Andre van der Ree @ A.M. Studios & Oscar Holleman @ RS29

Labels: Iron Pegasus Records, Deathworx, Damnation Productions, Slowrunner Records, New Era Productions, Displeased Records, From Beyond Productions, Ibex Moon Records, Midian Creations,  Witchhammer Production,  To The Death Records,  Dark Realm Records,  Kneel before the Master’s Throne,  Dark Descent Records,  Afterlife Productions,  Metal Defiance,  III Damnation Productions,  Ancestral Terror Productions,  Vic Records,  DSFA Records,  Karmageddon Media &  Wolfsbane Records

Pentacle road crew: Robin Cornelissen, Jeroen Verhoeven, Bart Buut, Kris & Daan van der Vleuten

Our partners in crime on vinyl: Sadistic Intent, Sabbat, Mortem, Eternal Solstice, Desaster & Repugnant

All magazines, fanzines, radio shows & websites featuring the band

Everyone who worked on the layout of a release, merchandise or website

The promoters who invited us for a gig

The people who bought our releases and merchandise and came out to our gigs

Everyone who supported the band or its members one way or the other

The mighty originators of our beloved scene


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