Winds of the Fall demo 1993 on vinyl by Deathworx

 Wannes    02 Oct 2018 : 09:10
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The sands of time are running fast indeed…   

The sands of time are running fast indeed…   
More than 25 years ago, Pentacle released its second tape called “Winds of the Fall”. It was our first experience in a real studio and it was a memorable event for a band like ours. It captured Pentacle in a professional environment for the very first time and taught us many valuable lessons for recordings to come. It was our first encounter with coffee-addict Oscar Holleman who would join us for two upcoming sessions as well (“A Dance Beyond” DSFA compilation track and “Exalted Journey” 7” EP). Previously, he produced Acrostichon’s “Dehumanized” demo which convinced us to give Oscar a try. It was a fitting encounter indeed. The result was a tape to be proud of!   
In 2018, the bells chime the return of the winds…   
Our partner in crime, Manuel Tinnemans’ label Deathworx, has the honour to release “Winds of the Fall” as a 12” on black vinyl (limited to 300 copies) as his first official release. There will be no liner notes included as there’s nothing to be told anymore. We cracked our brains for old stories again, yet everything has been said in the commemorate words which are included in the booklets of “The Fifth Moon…beyond and back” DCD, “Ancient Death” MLP or CD release through Vic Records. That being said, the vinyl will include some small extras which nature will be disclosed when the return is near. No remaster or remix. We kept it raw and bloody. You will be able to hear the songs including all their flaws as they were recorded by three guys full of Death Metal passion back in 1993! The songs included are:   
Side A:
- Buried in Mankind’s Sleep 
- Descending of the Soul
Side B:
- My Fall 
- Deepness of the Depths 
- Winds of the Fall

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