As promised, here’s an update concerning “Archaic Undead Fury”. From Beyond Productions is going to release this item. The format changed from 7” to 10” and it still will contain a A3-sized poster. A 1.000 copies will be printed, with a possible CD release after the vinyl copies are sold out. Probably you all know which songs are going to be featured on this upcoming release, but for those who missed it, here’s the track list:

Side A:   A Hellish Descend      Side B:   Blast them from the Sky!

“A Hellish Descend” was the first song we wrote after “Ancient Death”, while “Blast them…” is our most recent song. Both songs were recorded at Harrow Productions during the “Under the Black Cross” sessions. From Beyond Productions hopes to release the 10” on the 25th of November. I want to thank Frederique and Tony for the fast adjustments. The both of you did a great job, again! Wannes

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