Greetings all you maniacs!

Welcome to the new and improved Pentacle website. It took more time than we expected to launch this site. The whole project started way before the release of “Under the Black Cross” as we wanted to promote the new album with a new site, but due to (personal/technological) circumstances we weren’t able to get it online earlier. But at last, we managed to get it on the net!

From this point I want so send out a verrry big “Thank you!” to Frederique Sengers, again for her excellent work. Already being our saviour concerning the layout of the “Under the Black Cross” CD and the poster of the “Archaic Undead Fury” 10″, you did a tremendous cool job for the website. It was quite a heavy one, but the result is awesome. Thanks again for your dedicated and passionate work and good luck with your new job. You’re the best!

A big appreciation goes out to our Mike for his hard work to get the website operational. As always, the job outside the spotlights is not very rewarding, but this is your moment too. Good work, Mike! Thanks for spending all those lonely hours behind your computer. I hope you’re satisfied with the result as well, because the rest of the band certainly is!

I hope everyone will enjoy this effort. There’s still work to be done and of course the site will keep improving, but for this moment check out what it can offer you. I hope you won’t be disappointed!

And yes, we have some regular news as well:

We want to thank the maniacs in Thee Plague of Gentlemen for the great gigs we did together. The cooperation was very successful and we hope to share more stages with you very soon again. Thanks for some most enjoyable days of real Metal. Eternal Frost forever! Thank you too to Roel (merchandise, driving and photos) and the promoters for making it all happen.

There are new shirts available from us. Manuel Tinnemans did his utmost best again to create something special and original and as always, he succeeded. Check out For Sale. Good job, Manuel!

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