Last weekends, we have been recording and mixing five new tracks at A.M. Studios, Gouda, The Netherlands for these upcoming releases:

– a double 7″ w/ gatefold cover w/ Eternal Solstice on Dark Descent Records (featuring two new tracks)
– a split 7″ w/ Mortem on Iron Pegasus Records (featuring one new track)
– a split 12″ w/ Sadistic Intent 12″ on Iron Pegasus Records (featuring two new tracks)

We are working together with producer André van der Ree. An old friend of ours as he was and still is the drummer of Eternal Solstice, a band we shared many stages with back in the 90’s. The recordings went smoothly without any hick ups. There is still some mixing and mastering to be done, but the material is progressing in the right direction. About the songs themselves, expect the expected: Pentacle styled Ancient Death Metal. Nothing more, nothing less.

Overall, we are very glad to have the opportunity to work together with these amazing Death Metal acts. We all have the same musical back ground, we know the members on a personal level, we shared many stages together and most important, there’s a big respect for each other. This is an amazing set up of bands.

Manuel Tinnemans is reponsible for the artwork of these releases (expect for Mortem). The Pentacle artwork is a tripich: the parts will be used for the seperate releases each, yet all three combined they create the actual drawing in one piece. The split 12″ with Sadistic Intent will include a poster with the artwork as a whole.

About the release date(s), nothing is set for a full 100% yet, but both bands and labels are working hard to release the items asap possible.

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