Pentacle is very proud to announce the arrival of our first in a series of three vinyl releases: the double EP with Eternal Solstice on Dark Descent Records! This double EP contains new material of both bands (four songs in total) and features artwork by Manuel Tinnemans who created amazing pieces for Pentacle in the past. We would like to thank Matt and Dark Descent Records, Ramon, Dree, Philip and Eternal Solstice, Manuel, Arco, Robin, Paul and Dennis for making this happen!

There are three different vinyl versions to obtain:

– silver haze (US release only, available from Dark Descent Records)
– orange haze (European release only, available from Iron Pegasus Records & Me Saco Un Ojo Records)
– black (available from Dark Descent Records, Iron Pegasus Records, Me Saco Un Ojo Records & several labels/distros like Iron Bonehead)

As a bonus, Dark Descent Records offers both silver haze and black versions including two patches of Pentacle and Eternal Solstice. For Pentacle this will be the flat/script logo. There is another patch available featuring the pointed logo, but this one is being sold separate from the release through Dark Descent Records and Pentacle.

You can order the specific release you want to obtain from the labels, distros and Eternal Solstice but we have some to sell as well:

– double 7” EP (black vinyl) with Eternal Solstice including patches of both bands (flat Pentacle logo) > 17 Euro (The Netherlands) / 20 Euro (ROW)
– double 7” EP (black vinyl) with Eternal Solstice > 12 Euro (The Netherlands) / 15 Euro (ROW)
– Pentacle patches (silver on black & silver border) both logos + ‘Ancient Death Metal’ text > 4 Euro each everywhere

All prices include P&P. Paypall > @ For other payment instructions, please contact us through the same address.

One down, two to go!!!

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