Last update: 8-12-2019

Added new Review of “Spectre of the Eight Ropes”

After switching to a new CMS the Pentacle website now works fine but still is missing some features. We’re working on updates continuously to restore the Pentacle homepage to it’s original glory.

For ordering merchandise or gig requests please contact us via or pm us on our facebook page until all features on the website are working propperly.

Here’s a list of features that are not yet activated or are work in progress

Not yet activated:

Shop: for Pentacle mechandise, work in progress

Gallery: Contains live photo’s etc.

Work in progress:

Music player: Moved all playlists to releases. Still adding more playlists

Home: added all old posts upto November 2004, older posts need to be added.

Downloads: Added Under the Black Cross promo photo’s, older promo’s photo’s need to be added.


Contact page: finished

Events: finished

Releases: finished

Biography: finished

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