Here is a review of `Spectre of the eight ropes` from Thunder God zine.

(Brazilian web site, English translation below)

The archaic old heralds of death return from Hades bringing from there an apocalyptic abominable prophecy of contempt for humanity, in the form of the purest and most primitive Death Metal !! It was worth every penny of that vinyl, better than just spending it on a trip or a trip with the boatman …

9 sounds, hard to spot, but “The Fury of Retribution” is one of my favorites; Wannes’s vocals don’t fade over time, this is more devastating !!

The riffs are still remarkable, “Bound by death’s Rope” is about to confirm what I’m saying, as “(Emerging from) Sea Ablaze” is back in the early days of the demos when Pentacle had not yet stuck to more deathrash riffs, and yes when it sounded more death / doom even like “Winds of the Fall” as it subtly reminds me of the magnificent sound “Deepness of the Dephts”, aaarrghhh !!! Only you guarantee that the strings of suicide will dance like spellbound serpents.

The audio-visual production of this record is up to the band, as I said the sound, I say that the graphic part was killer, the cover gives many interpretations, but my point of view is that it is a portrait of war and of all the tragedies surrounding this world and the human race, obscure visions of the ‘eight-string spectrum’, in other words, death itself capable of taking the form it pleases.

And to close with the last shovel of sand, a cover of the great Necrophobic (“Forbidden Pleasure”). One thing is for sure, a while ago there have been a lot of people doing “death metal”, fashions come and go, bands come and go, but those who have been in this since archaic times regardless of trends or difficulties, people whose underworld is an option and not a need, deserve at least the respect to have, by us Brazilian metalheads, the attitude of bringing these guys to play here in the country someday …

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