So, the “Ancient Death over North America” has ended and while Oath of Cruelty’s raging demo is haunting my cassette deck, we would like to thank everyone who attended our shows, had a chat with us, bought our merch, gave us a gift, bought us a drink, or wanted an autograph and/or a picture. Your support is very, very much appreciated! You really made it happen for us and we thank you very much for making us feel welcome in both your countries. You all rule!!!!

A major hail goes out to the following people and bands: Alvaro, Pepe, Arturo, Victor, Cesar and Chucky (promoters), Kelsey (merchandise), Big Robb and Ancient Mike (road crew), Jeff and Erika Tandy, everyone in Unholy Lust, Morgengrau, Ares Kingdom and Sathanas, Roberto and Infinitum Obscure, Rick, Bay, Ernie and Sadistic Intent/Dark Realm, Rick and Scythe, Raped God 666, Old Coven, Oath of Cruelty, Extermination Angel, Shit and all the other support acts for delivering some real Metal Mayhem on stage! You rage! Not to forget the venues where we performed. Thanks for having us!

Wannes, Mike, Alex and Robert

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