So, the deed is done. The “Firestorms over Europe” tour is finished. We can honestly say this was nothing less than a blast!   Pentacle would like to show its gratitude to Daniel and Killtown Bookings for setting up this tour, getting us safe at each gig (what a driver!) and being a superb tour manager. Thank you very much for all your effort.   Chuck, Alex and Mike (Ares Kingdom) for being nothing less than amazing company on the road. You guys are the best! Thanks for the great times, brothers. You are sorely missed at this side of the ocean.   Our merchandiser Jeroen for the great vibe (what a maniac!) and professional handling of all goodies. You did a terrific job, mate.   Thanks to friends old/new and all unknown maniacs who came out to visit the gigs and made this trip such an enjoyable one. Your dedication is very much appreciated. You rule!   All local promoters/crews and support acts (Voids of Vomit, Inhume, Ekpyrosis, Absolution, Warfist, Pox, Chaosmongers, Bones and others) for the great times and help. Not to forget those who helped us out after the accident in Italy.   Dani (Grave Miasma) for the hospitality and the amazing dinner, Melissa (Adorior) for the visit at the Imperial War Museum, Monique for taking care of Daniel and the AK boys, Patrick (MGear) for letting me use his wireless during this tour, Tigerprint for the superb t-shirts and Costa (Iron Pegasus Records) for making sure the split with Sadistic Intent was ready for slaughter.   Those who took care of daily business at home while we were on the road. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible at all. Thank you very much for your understanding of our Metal Madness.   Again, thank you all very much for making this dream possible!!!

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