We proudly present our live split picture disc 7” EP with the mighty Sabbat (JAP) through New Era Productions! Both bands contributed a live track for this purpose. Don’t expect any sterile live recordings, but a full and raw Metal attack! The Pentacle art work was done by our faithful disciple Manuel Tinnemans. This is the final part of the
Japanese/Dutch trilogy. Before us, both Countess and Heretic released their respective picture disc EP’s with Sabbat. The EP is available from us or the label right now.

Concerning the “Winds of the Fall” demo 12”, we are waiting for Manuel’s art work to arrive. This is scheduled for next week. The rest of the release is ready to go.

We still have a limited amount of both “The Fifth Moon” 12” and the split 12” with Sadistic Intent available, so if you want to combine some Pentacle vinyl, this is the right moment to get hold of some Ancient Death Metal.

You can (pre)order these releases by contacting us through this site.

Thanks for the support!!!

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