And so it is done!

The “Winds of the Fall” demo 12” is available now! Comes with 12” x 12” silver sink-screened inlay, 4x A4 pages interview, sticker and patch. Heavy black vinyl hold in sturdy cover with PMS-silver print and heavy inner sleeve. Hand numbered to 300 copies.

If you want to order this release from the band, act fast as we have very few copies left. You can also order the vinyl through the label ( or trusted allies like Iron Pegasus Records, Invictus Productions, Iron Tyrant, NWN! Productions, Captors of Sin or New Era Productions. Those who preordered the vinyl thus far, your support is very much appreciated.

We would like to thank our old drummer Marc Nelissen for the layout, Steven Willems for the interview and Manuel Tinnemans for making this possible! Thanks for the great job!

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